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Dave's Blog at the Dozer Dive Site on the Pinellas Trail. The rocks were grey, streaky, dirty, like the dried, wet surface of a lake after a rain storm. They were big, massive, glistening like diamonds in the sun. “Dave, this is just about as beautiful as it gets.” We walked up to the main peak of the mine. I stopped at the edge of the ledge and looked down into the hole. I pushed off from the rock ledge and floated over the edge, into the old pit. The rocks were still wet, but my feet touched the bottom and I started crawling in, over the hole, down into the mine, feeling the walls with my hands. “I know this might sound crazy, but I think I’m gonna dive into that hole.” I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t crazy at all. It was an intuition, a feeling, a gut instinct, that pulled me down. It was deeper down than I had ever been before. I was going down into the depths of the earth, into a space that no light had ever reached, at a depth deeper than any deep sea diver. The walls of the mine were black, like the water of an ocean, black, like the inside of the lungs of a whale, black, like the inside of the skull of a shark, black, like the inside of the asteroid that struck the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. I pushed deeper and deeper into the hole, until my feet touched the walls. My head touched the walls. My stomach touched the walls. It was as if I were diving into the deepest, blackest part of the ocean, a black abyss, a place that had never been touched by the light of day, a place that had never been seen by the eyes of any man. I pulled myself up out of the hole and onto the ledge. “I’m not gonna put a hole in the mine.” My friend Steve said, “All we need is a machine and a hole and we could pull it out.” The old pit had been flooded with concrete years before. Concrete that had poured out of the ceiling and up the walls and over the ceiling of




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Gold Miner Vegas Full Version Free Downloadinstmankl jangarn

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