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anti-racist, anti-hate curricula

Students in America have spent their entire educational career studying canonical works by white men in English class. In NGC's home state of Ohio for example, Non-Hispanic Caucasian authors make up 69% and male authors make up 84% of the published list of ELA exemplar texts for grades 9-10. Next Generation Curriculum (NGC) is developing a comprehensive language arts curriculum titled ELA for ALL. With this series, NGC seeks to help dismantle inequity in the U.S. educational system and beyond.

ELA for ALL offers educators and homeschool parents an alternative resource to facilitate higher-order thinking and meaningful discussions through college preparatory language arts lessons and simultaneously build agency in underrepresented students. Above all else it is anti-racist, anti-hate, and social justice centered. The curriculum is authentic and meaningful. It honors the diversity of our country and our students by serving them a long-overdue resource full of beautifully written works by authors of color and underrepresented groups. It regularly poses difficult questions which ask students to reflect and examine their place in society and their obligations to each other, humanity, their environments, and themselves. 

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